Wood Lake Loop
Wood Lake Loop

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This is the perfect training loop: the road surface is in good condition with long, flat, & straight sections for TT work (west-side), short hills (east-side) for intervals, and has a central location that joins up with other popular routes.

Points of Interest

Surfaces & Traffic

Pelmewash Parkway on the east side of Wood Lake was recently paved and has narrow shoulders. Riding is recommended on the pedestrian pathway that runs next to Pelmewash Parkway, it has smooth pavement as well. The west side of Wood Lake can be busy with vehicle and pedestrian traffic, ride responsibly.

Oyama Road runs along the east side of Wood Lake and has light traffic, good pavement, and narrow shoulders. Along the shoreline of the east side of Wood Lake, there is the option to ride the completely flat, gravel, KVR - pedestrian traffic on this section is usually light to moderate.


There is a small ice cream shop next to Lake Country Cycle bike shop at the Woodsdale General Store & Gas Station — a must-stop post-ride 🍦.

Key Segments

Clockwise Segments:
Counterclockwise Segments:
  • Wood Lake Reverse 14.4km and gains 120m over the course. This is the main counterclockwise lap segment, cutting out intersections near Turtle Bay. Fast time are around 30-35km/h speeds / ~25min.
  • South Oyama Road Climb is the most contested segment on this loop. Nearly 2km at 6.2% fast times are around 5 minutes, and around 400 watts for lighter riders.
  • Wood Lake Southbound segment runs along the west side of Pelmewash Parkway, or the pedestrian path (despite the segment name on strava), 5km and flat.


If riders wish to have a 100% flat route, the KVR runs parallel to Oyama Road on the east side of Wood Lake — albeit gravel. This makes for a leisurely, flat ride with great views, but in the summer the pathway can get very busy alongside the lakeshore.

Connect to this route from Vernon via the KVR, or from Kelowna along Glenmore Road or the KVR.

Reverse the route and head clockwise, doubling the Strava segments along the route and varying the difficulty of the climbs. The clockwise version of this loop has longer and more gradual climbs.

Extend the route by adding on the climb up to #3 Predator Ridge, #7 Oyama Lake, or #8 Beaver Lake.


And please be sure to…

  • ride safely,
  • let us know what you think about this route, and
  • follow us on the grams & tag us along with #okroute8!