Predator Ridge
Predator Ridge

Vernon 11ºC
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A climb that is as challenging as you want to make it. The northbound approach is significantly steeper and more challenging than the southbound approach.

Points of Interest

Surfaces & Traffic

Carrs Landing Road and Commonage Road northbound to the summit are in fair condition, 100% paved with light traffic most of the year (busiest in summer months, especially in the afternoon). Mission Road and Commonage Road southbound to the summit have wide shoulders and new pavement; traffic on this approach is heavier, as many people head off the highway to golf and visit Predator Ridge from this direction.


There are numerous options in Vernon @ 0 & 64km, at the base of Mission Road.

Options in Lake Country and Carrs Landing @ 33km include:

Key Segments

OKRoutes has the opinion that only 4 segments matter on this route.

  • Climb: Predator Ridge 9.07km @ 4% from Carrs Landing to Predator Ridge traffic circle. This is the most contested and challenging version of all the Predator Ridge climbs, up and over the true summit, and down to the traffic circle.
  • Descent: Predator - Alan Brooks Centre 11km @ -1.8% from Predator Ridge down into Vernon.
  • Climb: Bench to Predator from Vernon to Predatory Ridge - 9km @ 2%, with only the first 2km last 3km of the climb being challenging, middle 4km section is rolling. The last 4 km of this segment were freshly paved in April 2021.
  • Descent: Commonage Descent from Predator Ridge descending down to Carrs Landing, 5.3km @ -7.4%. Lots of blind corners, don’t take stupid risks.


Riders can start from Vernon, Lake Country, or Kelowna to reach this climb. Departing from Lake Country / Kelowna will challenge riders with undulating shoreline roads along Carr’s Landing. Either approach offers an out-and-back option to shorten the route — reach the summit and turn around. Commonage Road descent turns into Carr’s Landing Road, but at this junction riders can choose to either continue on Commonage Road (gravel) or turn onto Barkley Road (gravel) — both gravel options are hard-packed and rideable on 25mm tires and avoid the undulating shoreline on Carr’s Landing Road.

Riders wishing to extend their routes can include Predator Ridge climb into other routes, for example by adding it onto #1 Swan Lake to Yankee Flats. Riders departing from Vernon who do not want to climb Predator Ridge twice, can choose to reach Carr’s Landing, head east to Lake Country to join the #9 Kettle Valley Rail Trail back to Vernon. Truly brave riders departing from Kelowna can endeavour to climb over Predator Ridge, travel through Vernon, then climb up Silver Star Mountain to descend back to Vernon and return to Kelowna along the KVR or up and over Predator Ridge again.


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