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Camp Boyle

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Traveling along Green Mountain Road and through Shingle Creek is both morally and legally fuzzy. This is Penticton Indian Band Land, and even on the road up to Apex Mountain, there are “Private Road No Trespassing” signs. Travellers in vehicles are not stopped, but cyclists can often encounter angry locals that may pull you over and ask you to turn around or just blaze past you while spraying rocks from the tires of a diesel truck. OKRoutes is not responsible for the risks you take, we’re just here to let you know there are risks. That said, only about 75-100 cyclists have logged rides through this area.


Start at Summerland Secondary School (some parking and post ride garbage-food options around this area). Ride south to Penticton, then west on Green Mountain Road to turn off to Shingle Creek, northbound, the major gravel section of this ride.

The route then passes the historic Kettle Valley Steam Railway Station, turning onto Summerland Princeton Road and Fish Lake Road. Beautiful views and dramatic landscapes can be expected throughout this ride beautiful.

Its a steady climb from West Summerland to Camp Boyle and Darke Lake on Fish Lake Road through stunning farm country — once at the lake there isn’t much to see. There’s a small dam at the south end of the lake and some camping sites; maybe the campers will cook a hot dog for you or give you a beer 🤞.

The end of the ride is great, downhill the whole way back to Summerland — a chance to get the heart rate down and enjoy the views before smashing a burger into your face.

Points of Interest

Surfaces & Traffic

50% gravel, 100% fun with light traffic.

Good pavement south from Summerland, to Sun-Oka Beach, then along the paved bike-path that twins Highway 97 about halfway to Penticton, eventually riding the highway shoulder to Penticton to turn west on Green Mountain Road. Option to ride the gravel KVR from Summerland to Penticton, but this will make the route slower. The shoulder of Highway 97 is wide, swept clean, and safe (albeit busy and noisy with traffic).

Green Mountain Road is paved with light to moderate traffic.

Shingle creek is 100% gravel, rolling, with the first half a mix of loose & hard-packed gravel — the second half is narrow with rocky, potholed gravel surface.

Summerland Princeton Road and Fish Creek Road are paved with light traffic. The last 6km (just past Camp Boyle) to and from Dark Lake are hard-packed gravel with light to no traffic. The ride ends with pavement and light traffic back into Summerland.


Recommendation: 3 × 750ml bottles (2× on bike, 1× in back pocket) with electrolyte mix/sugar + frame/handlebar bag with extra food.

Stopping in Penticton is an early refuelling option during this ride, but really the only choice. Once on Green Mountain Road, through Shingle Creek, and up to Darke Lake the only other options are begging locals & campers for food and water (don’t do this, it’s a bad look). The Kettle Valley Steam Railway Station @ 47km (if open) might have some snacks for you to purchase.

If this ride is done in hot temperatures with dusty conditions, water will be a major limiting factor. #leavetheflaskathome #bikeratshit

Key Segments

  • Green Mountain: River Channel -> Shingle Creek @ 20km. 9.8km @ 2.8% along Green Mountain Road from Penticton to Shingle Creek. Steady, fast paced climb with good pavement.
  • Shingle Creek Northbound @ 30km. 16km rolling gravel segment through Penticton Indian Band land. First 1/2 is a mix of loose and hard-packed gravel with a wide road, the second half is a narrow road with many bumps, rocks, and potholes. Fast times are sub 45 minutes.
  • Faulder to Camp Boyle @ 54km. 8km @ 1% pavement segment, takes riders to beginning of gravel that terminates at Darke Lake.


And please be sure to…

  • ride safely,
  • let us know what you think about this route, and
  • follow us on the grams & tag us along with #okroute17!