Dead Ends of Kelowna
Dead Ends of Kelowna

Kelowna 11ºC
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Departing from Knox Mountain, this route crosses over Okanagan Lake to West Kelowna. An out-’n-back climb along Bear Creek Road is the first test of the ride, followed by a short climb up West Kelowna Road to Rose Valley. Back across the William R. Bennett Bridge and along bike lanes through Kelowna, stopping around 40km to refuel will make sense to most riders. The route then travels along lumpy Lakeshore Road (another dead end), doubling back along Lakeshore Road, with an interlude to climb up Rimrock Road & Timberland Road. Finally back through Kelowna along Swamp Road and Benvoulin Road to the Okanagan Rail Trail and then on to Knox Mountain.

Points of Interest

Surfaces & Traffic

100% pavement with moderate traffic.

Riding from Knox Mountain to the William R. Bennett Bridge can be busy with pedestrian and vehicle traffic, while the bridge itself has a bicycle and pedestrian lane where you’ll usually only encounter vagrants with shopping carts — the bridge is also unpleasantly bumpy, and noisy with vehicle traffic, but be sure to stop for a photo for the gram.

Once across the bridge, riders can stay along Okanagan Highway to Westside Road, or take the quieter Sneena Road to stay off of the highway shoulder. Once in West Kelowna, traffic is light to moderate and road surfaces are smooth pavement. Bear Creek Road has rough, potholed pavement as it climbs to a dead end.

The route returns across the bridge over Okanagan Lake, then using bike lanes along moderately busy city streets travelling south through Kelowna along numerous beach parks - riders can take Pandosy St to Lakeshore Road for a quicker, more direct route.

Lakeshore Road is rolling and twisting along the shore, with short sharp climbs — and it’s also a dead end. Swamp Road and Benvoulin Road have a wide shoulder and make travelling to the end of the ride a breeze, and once you’re on the Rail Trail the ride is nearly over.


Key Segments

  • Westside Road to Rose Valley @ 8½km. 5km long segment, the first 1½km are a steep 7-10% until you reach the intersection of Bear Creek Road and Parkinson Road - remaining portion is flat-ish and fast.

  • Bear Creek Climb @ 14km. 3km long climb at 5.3%, rough pavement until the road turns to gravel at the turn around point. Difficult +20% section in the middle. Fast times are sub 9 min.

  • Bear Creek Wall @ 16km. ½km @ 9.3% with sections over 20%. Fast times are sub 2 min.

  • West Kelowna Road Climb @ 26km. 1.2km sharp steep climb @ 8%. Residential street, perfect pavement, fast times are sub 4½ min.

  • Lakeshore @ 47km. 10½km from the intersection of Lakeshore Road and Chute Lake Road all the way to the end of Lakeshore Road. Rolling, some sharp climbs, fast times are wind dependant.

  • The Goat Climb @ 62km. 2.8km @ 5% with steep 15% sections, passes a goat farm. Rough pavement, don’t miss the turns.


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