Ronde van Kelowna
Ronde van Kelowna

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Departing from Knox Mountain in downtown Kelowna, this route travels over Dilworth Mountain, across UBC Okanagan, to Kelowna Airport, up Postill Lake Farmers climb, to Black Mountain, up June Springs to Myra Canyon, back through downtown Kelowna, ending at Knox Mountain. The route is just over 100km in length and climbs nearly 2000m. The majority of the route is on lesser-known back roads through east and southeast Kelowna - you’ll be convinced that you’re riding in Europe as you pedal past vineyards and agriculture areas. This route is difficult and takes in some of Kelowna’s key cycling segments.

Points of Interest

Surfaces & Traffic

100% paved roads with moderate traffic. Using .GPX files and head unit navigation is strongly recommended since the route travels on lesser-used streets and lanes.

Knox Mountain can be busy with foot traffic, hikers, families, and mountain bikers, but has no vehicle traffic. Dilworth Mountain has moderate traffic, but has a nice wide shoulder up to the summit. The route to UBC and across to Kelowna airport has nice pavement and light traffic. Postill climb, Black Mountain, and June Springs are all light traffic areas with fair-to-good pavement, albeit on narrower roads with numerous corners. June Springs to Swamp Road has light traffic and good paved surface. The route from Swamp Road back to Knox mountain has heavy traffic through downtown Kelowna, but has a wide shoulder the whole way and is safe to ride.


At kilometer 59½, the route briefly joins Highway 33 westbound after Black Mountain, there are gas stations on this short stretch and it is the last good opportunity to stop before kilometer 90.

At kilometer 90 when the route reaches Swamp Road, there are numerous gas stations on the route back to Knox Mountain.

Bright Jenny Coffee near the intersection of Gordon Drive & Clement Ave, very close to the start or end of the ride near Knox Mountain.

Key Segments

  • Knox Mountain Bike Climb is a paved segment frequently ridden by roadies — expect some funny looks from pedestrians if you’re going for that KOM. The segment finishes prior to the actual summit, before turning towards a photo-worthy look out area with a one-way traffic circle. Climbing Knox Mountain isn’t too challenging for experienced riders: the 2.3km climb averages 7.7% and can normally be completed in under ~10 minutes.
  • Summit Dr a short & punchy climb just off Glenmore Dr, east over Dilworth Mountain: 1.3km at a 7.2% gradient. Summit Dr passes multi-million dollar houses, gated communities, and breathtaking views. The road has a wide, well-marked shoulder and generally has moderate traffic. A strong west wind dictates fast segment times.
  • Postill Lake Farmers paved segment is 6.2km at 6% average gradient. Postill Lake Farmers segment is an out-and-back climb on a quiet residential road with a smooth surface and good sightlines through the corners. The first half of the climb is more challenging with a constant steep gradient, while the second half undulates and challenges riders to gain speed in flatter sections. A full video of the Postill Lake Famers climb and descent can be found here. This climb can take between 16 minutes (👑 pace) - 25 minutes.
  • June Springs KOM segment is 4.3km long at 6.2%. This climb is more twisty than Postill Farmers, but the road is narrower and has a rougher paved surface. June Spring Road climbs to Myra Canyon, where the road turns to gravel. Riders can continue climbing on gravel, eventually reaching the flat KVR and beautiful trestles from this point.


Too much climbing? Try this variation which removes the Knox Mountain, Postill, and June Springs climbs from the route but keeps all of the amazing, European-feeling, undulating backroads that Kelowna has to offer.

Options to extend from the top of June Springs Road, continue climbing up the gravel to Myra Canyon Trestles, eventually returning down to North Mission / Crawford area in Kelowna.


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