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Echo Lake

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Departing from Lumby, this route features ~20km of gravel as it passes Echo Lake before reaching Cherryville. Dramatic cliffs and thickly forested mountainsides line this route — with minimal traffic, it’s a ’cherry’ of a ride.

The gravel begins 10km southeast of Lumby on Creighton Valley Rd. Passing Echo Lake, the gravel is hard-packed and has very few rocky sections, potholes, or washboard. Approaching Highway 6, 5km from the end of Creighton Valley Rd, you’re back on pavement until reaching Cherryville, 25km from Lumby. The wind travels along Creighton Valley, as it does along Highway 6, so you’re bound to find this route difficult in one direction or the other on blustery days.

Extending to the southern end of Mabel Lake or departing and finishing in Vernon are both OK alternatives for riders wanting a longer day.

Surfaces & Traffic

~20% gravel with light traffic. Smooth and hard-packed gravel on Echo Rd, and good quality pavement without a rumble strip on the shoulder of Highway 6.

Weekends can be busy with traffic on the highway, but traffic is consistently very light from Lumby to Cherrville as you pass Echo Lake.


2-3 water bottles and a few snacks should see most riders through to the finish of this ride, but there are a handful of places you can stop in Cherryville and some wonderful options in Lumby at the end of the route:

Key Segments

  • Creighton Valley Pavement @ 2km. Shallow climb on the pavement section of this road, 7½km @ 1½%, fast times are wind-dependant.

  • Echo Lake Climb @ 2km. Includes the previous pavement segment and the gravel portion of Creighton Valley Road finishing at Echo Lake. 16.2km @ 2.3%, there are a couple sections where you will be out of the saddle, but this isn’t a climb to be fearful of.

  • Ferry Creek Climb @ 27km. Just after Echo Lake, 1.7km @ 5.7% will have you feeling it in the legs, but don’t worry, it’s pretty much all downhill to Cherryville after this stretch.

  • Shafer Rd Climb @ 53km. Last effort before reaching Lumby, 2½km @ 5.8% for this pavement section on Highway 6.

Points of Interest


Start from Vernon to extend this route. Double the distance, double the elevation, and double the fondo fun.

Mabel Lake extension: adding the out-and-back to the southern End of Mabel Lake adds scenic rolling pavement without adding any big climbs. Storm the beach and stop at the floating Mabel Lake camp store!


And please be sure to…

  • ride safely,
  • let us know what you think about this route, and
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