2. Mabel Lake Loop

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Paved roads leading out of and into Enderby, including Trinity Valley Road, start and end this route. The remainder of the route around Mabel Lake uses well-maintained and recently expanded forest service roads. At over 200km and with nearly 2500m of elevation gain, this is an epic 1-day gravel ride, and is better suited for 2-day bike-packing/camping adventures. Wildlife is plentiful (be prepared for 🐻), swimming in Mabel Lake is fantastic (look out for leaches in stagnant/marshed areas), and water filtration is required.

Expert riders can attempt to complete this ride in 14-20 hours (without camping gear). Bikepackers with fully-loaded bikes can expect two 8hr riding days.

Points of Interest

Surfaces & Traffic

Enderby Mabel Lake Road and Lumby Mabel Lake Road are good paved surfaces with light traffic. Trinity Valley Road is a mix of rough pavement and hard packed gravel, very light traffic. The gravel forest service roads around Mabel lake are wide, a mix of hard-pack and loose, and minimal traffic.


After Trinity Valley Road, riders have the option to stop in Lumby by taking a short detour @ 48km.

The main supply stop option is located at Monashee and Trinity Campgrounds at Mabel Lake Provincial Park @ 79km (~3km north of the southernmost end of Mabel Lake). This is a must stop, as the camp store is a floating, but stationary, tugboat. Food options are limited, but water and basics can be purchased.

The next stop for supplies is not until 171km at the Mabel Lake Resort & Marina or at the Aston Creek General Store @ 198km.

Key Segments

Just surviving this is a segment. #rideresponsibly #bonkawareness #pleasedon’tdie


Continuing north at the northernmost point of Mabel Lake will take riders to Three Valley Gap, which offers a hotel stay for the weary.


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