This OKRoute is brought to you by popular demand AKA peer pressure, not its quality. This is a difficult route due to its length and the potential for high temperatures & strong winds. There are way hillier, way more epic, way more OKRoutes to employ as a way to avoid your family, return home beyond-bonked, moaning on the couch while chocolate milk drips down your shirt & salt-caked face; routes that don’t have you riding on the highway.

THAT SAID, with a couple hundred bucks to pay for lane closures, food stations, and a peloton to draft, this fondo is a wonderful experience! Riding it solo or with a small group is some serious type-2 fun. Snickers mandatory.

Fast times for the whole route are around 4 hours—that’s a CAT 1/2 race pace for the entire duration, 3½-4W/kg average throughout. Leisurely riders can expect to complete this in 6+ hours. Riding solo, 5-6 hours is quite respectable.

Show up, have the GPX on your head unit, poach the aid stations, get that Gatorade! #outsideisfree

Surfaces & Traffic

100% pavement with moderate-to-heavy traffic during the summer months. During the fondo event, one northbound and southbound lane of the four-lane divided highway is closed to vehicle traffic, but you’ll be on the shoulder if you ride this route any other time.

To avoid as much traffic as possible and still brag to your smooth-legged friends, we recommend riding this route in April, October, or even March if the weather permits.

Watch a complete run-down of this route produce by the Merckx crew.


Key Segments

Points of Interest


And please be sure to…

  • ride safely,
  • let us know what you think about this OKRoute, and
  • tag us along with #okroute15 in your grams!
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