14. Gravel for Lunch in Naramata

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This hilly, mostly-gravel route will have you convinced you’re riding in southern California as you pedal past all the major wineries along the Naramata Bench. A challenging gravel climb and descent to Chute Lake is the highlight!

Surfaces & Traffic

~60% gravel with light to moderate traffic, this route is busiest in the summer months for pedestrian traffic on the KVR and for vehicle traffic along Naramata Rd. Gravel on the the KVR varies in quality; hard-packed & fast from Penticton to Little Tunnel, then loose and rocky from Little Tunnel to Chute Lake. The gravel surface on Chute Lake Rd is rough with potholes, large rocks, and a washboard surface throughout. This route is best ridden on gravel tires (≥32mm).


Key Segments

  • KVR - Penticton to Chute Lake is a grind up a 2% gradient for nearly 40km of gravel. 1½ hours is a fast time.
  • Chute Lake Descent is a 10½km @ -6% gravel descent from Chute Lake to Naramata Rd, turning to pavement for the last few 3km of the segment
  • Chute Lake Climb If you choose to do this route in reverse, this is the climbing segment to Chute Lake. Under 1 hour is respectable, sub 50 minutes is fast. This segment has a similar feel to the Oyama Lake Rd Climb to Oyama Eco Lodge in OKRoute #7.
  • Indian Rock to Chute Lake is an additional (paved) segment after/before Chute Lake Rd, 3.2km @ 6%. Sub-10 minutes is fast, 8 minutes is classy.
  • Fire Station to Reservoir Rd is an awesome, rolling TT segment along the Naramata Bench. 9.4km, gains 50m over its course.

Points of Interest


Complete the route in reverse for a more challenging climb up Chute Lake Rd, then relax as you cruise back into Penticton down a -2% gradient on hard-packed gravel.

Legs need more climbing? At the end of the route head up Carmi Ave to Beaverdell Rd, completing the 8km @ 8% Looking for Moose segment.


And please be sure to…

  • ride safely,
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