11. Under the Shadow of Silver Star

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Starting near Swan Lake on Saint Annes Rd, the route heads south to Vernon while climbing slowly. Highway 6, eastbound from Vernon to Lumby, has wide shoulders and climbs gradually; strong riders can easily maintain over 30km/h on this stretch. The main climb of the day (400m+) is on Trinity Valley Rd from Lumby to Ashton Creek, followed by a long, gradual descent into Enderby. Traveling backroads from Enderby to Armstrong includes one small climb, followed by one final short climb after Armstrong to finish the ride. While this route only has one large climb, the total elevation gain is close to 1500m in the complete 124km ride.

Surfaces & Traffic

From Swan Lake to Vernon there is moderate traffic and wide shoulders on Highway 97, followed by light traffic and narrower paved roads through Vernon on Greenhow Rd and Pleasant Valley Rd. Light traffic and good pavement on Buchanan Rd are followed by smooth pavement and moderate traffic with wide shoulders on Highway 6 to Lumby. Trinity Valley Rd has light traffic, rough pavement and some gravel as it climbs from Lumby to Ashton Creek. The road into Enderby is smooth pavement with narrow shoulders and moderate traffic, depending on the season. Backroads from Enderby to Armstrong are good pavement, narrow shoulders, and light traffic.


Lavington @ 30km:
Lumby @ 40km:
Aston Creek & Enderby @ 84km-93km:
Armstrong @ 109km:

Key Segments

  • Buchanan East Bound segment includes only the 3.5km climb/descent section of the road, averaging 0.7% gradient. The totality of Buchanan Rd is 9km in length and is a fantastic TT simulation segment with a rolling gradient, but mostly flat and FAST.
  • Lumby to Enderby is a long, 52km segment that includes the main climbing segment of the day; Trinity Valley Climb South 10.9km at 2.6% gradient. The steep portion of this climb is detailed in the 2.5km, 6.8% segment called Trinity Valley Rd Climb.
  • Canyon Rd segment is a popular climbing segment from Enderby to Armstrong. This climb just never seems to stop, even though it’s only 2.8km long at 4.6% gradient, it twists through the trees and will be a challenge near the end of this route.
  • Grandview Hill is a 3km 2.3% climbs up from Otter lake to the end point of the ride.

Points of Interest


Reversing the route is an option, which allows for altogether different climbing and descending experiences on Trinity Valley Road, also the journey from Lumby to Vernon is slightly downhill. This opens up many other strava segments in the area as well.

The option for riders to travel through Coldstream, instead of on Buchanan Rd can make this route more leisurely with additional food and sightseeing stops; staying on Highway 6 all the way to Lumby will keep the route flatter and faster than diversions through Coldstream or Buchanan Rd.

Starting the route from Enderby—parking at the (outdoor) community pool— is another great option to begin the journey!


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