1. Swan Lake / St. Annes to Yankee Flats

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A hilly 100km route from Saint Annes Road, climbing back roads to Armstrong, then rollling on Salmon River Road past beautiful corn fields to Yankee Flats. Ride the hilly Yankee Flats Loop, head back to Armstrong on Salmon River Road, and return to the starting point while riding along Otter Lake.

Points of Interest

Surfaces & Traffic

Good pavement and narrow roads for the majority of this route, all with light traffic. Salmon River Road has excellent pavement with slightly wider shoulders. Yankee flats has some rough sections of pavement, but very little traffic. Busiest areas for traffic are those closest to Armstrong.


Armstrong is the main refuelling location on this route @ 22km & 80km. There are numerous service stations and stores in addition to those listed below:

There is a burger restaurant, a store, and a gas station 1-2km north from the northernmost end of the Yankee Flats loop in Silver Creek. This oasis is a life saver on a hot summer day.

Key Segments


Take Otter Lake Road directly to Armstrong to avoid the St. Annes Road climb.

If you are unable or unwilling to do Yankee Flats Loop at the northern most point of the ride, head south at the intersection in Glenemma to join Highway 97 back towards Vernon.

Depart & return on Old Kamloops Road (West side of Swan Lake), or along Pleasant Valley Road (East side of Swan Lake) through downtown Vernon if you’re looking for a longer ride; Old Kamloops Road has high traffic, narrow shoulders, and poor pavement.

Longer Extension: Start further south, in Lake County, heading north on either the #9 Kettle Valley Rail Trail, or along Carrs Landing Road to Commonage Road up and over #3 Predator Ridge into Vernon.


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