Shaka Packs Snack Pack

August 12, 2021

Summary: 5 / 5 OKs

The Shaka Packs Snack Pack is a stem- and handlebar-mounted bag which just happens to be the ideal light-weight solution for carrying those extra bits on adventures that are just long enough to warrant more gear than your jersey pockets are intended to carry.

The Snack Pack is available in a variety of colours and two sizes: Jumbo ($75 CAD) and Snack-Sized ($65 CAD). With quick draw-string access & security, the Snack Pack is our go-to addition for…

  • gravel rides longer than a few hours,
  • road rides longer than ~5 hours, and
  • anytime that we need to pack extras like cameras, batteries, extra parts/tools, & most importantly: gas station treats.


Shaka Packs offers 100% Canadian-made fondo sacks — manufactured in the heart of the Okanagan — that feature custom colours & sizing, meticulous details, and baked-in durability.

Need a custom frame bag for a full-suspension bike, or a bag with cage cut-outs for your gravel bike?

Shaka’s got that.

Need a Pringles-tube holstering, GoPro-holding, phone-securing, deep-reaching stem-mounted Snack Pack in a custom colours?

Shaka’s got that.

Need to transport a Costco-sized rotisserie chicken in a burrito bag?

Shaka’s got that.

Need top-tube-mounted storage solution for your Twizzlers, tubes, tools, and Twix??

Shaka’s got that.

Maybe your coach motopaces you on their throttle-driven e-bike as you crush laps of the KVR and you need a sack to pack a picnic?

Shaka’s got that.

Want a bag that is completely custom in size and/or colour?

Shaka’s got that (the lead time can be longer & price slightly increased but Shaka is ready to check off all the boxes to fit your needs #fineprint).

  • From the front

Build Quality

With reinforced strap loops, buckle enclosures (for securing the pack around around your head-tube), external mesh pockets, and a simple-to-use-whilst-shredding drawstring enclosure, you can reach into this sack and grab anything you need without slowing down.

Brightly-coloured internal construction makes finding those smaller items a breeze (this feature alone makes the Snack Pack worth the purchase). We’ll throw in…

  • Bluetooth headphones,
  • a GoPro & selfie stick,
  • a couple Snickers,
  • a few SunRype Fruit Source bars,
  • a spare tube, mini-pump & small water filter bottle,
  • and a dust- & COVID-approved bandana

… and hit the roads. Nothing feels better than being ready to rip with nothing in your jersey pockets.

  • From the side

Mounting & Use

Mounting the Snack Pack in front of or behind the handlebar is an important choice: having your knees knock into a stem mounted bag while pedalling out-of-the-saddle is certainly less than ideal… so choose the location that is right for you and your bike.

Anything you need to grab mid-ride without stopping—whether you’re climbing, descending, or just sniping garbage KOMs—can and should be stored in the Snack Pack. The drawstring enclosure is dummy-proof. Need to haul around a tube of sunscreen, a sugary beverage, a GoPro & phone, an extra large Slim Jim, and/or a locally-picked bouquet of flowers? Just throw them all in the Snack Pack and pull the draw string tight! Tuck a few more items into the sturdy external mesh pockets and you’re ready for battle against the toughest routes around.

  • From the top


All of Shaka Packs’ fondo sacks feature outstanding value and outstanding quality. The brightly-coloured internal construction of this stem-mounted bag is a game-changer, as you will never be digging around trying to find your small accoutrements that are bouncing around inside your fondo sack(s).

Sure, there are sweatshop-created options that will essentially hold all the same snacks. But they won’t last as long, they won’t mount as securely, they won’t be as easy to use, they won’t look as cool as a genuine Shaka, and you won’t be supporting a local business that is making the best product in the market.

The Snack Pack only scratches the surface of Shaka Packs’ full catalog. If you need something durable, quality, and even custom…

Shaka’s got that.